Imanzi Business Institute partners with Africa Digital Media Institute to deliver Digital Marketing training


It is no secret that COVID-19 has brought unforeseen changes to the ways businesses operate. Even the largest of companies has dealt with impacts such as customer retention, reduction in sales and teams learning how to work from homes. Businesses can no longer rely on traditional media (newspapers, billboards) to reach new customers. Digital marketing has even more relevance as a critical tool to grow your business.

Your marketing team are now the drivers of operations, and should understand all the tools available to them in the digital world. What is the significance of SEO? How do I analyse the performance of my marketing? What kind of content has the biggest impact on Rwandan consumers? Imanzi Business Institute (IBI), in partnership with Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), is proud to offer a virtual Digital Marketing boot camp to train your teams to answer these questions. Based in Kenya, ADMI is a leading creative media and technology training institution in digital and soft skills.

This 10-day training program is delivered in manageable units for 2 hours per day. This flexible format means that your team can continue their day job and practice what they’re learning each day. The course covers all of the key aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, digital analytics, planning and strategy and more.

Do not miss out on this flexible learning opportunity. For more information contact Vanessa at Imanzi Business Institute on

Next Start Date: X September 2020



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