IBI in collaboration with Green Business Hub Rwanda delivered a training on business plan development, for SMEs to expand their businesses, prepare an investment plan, improve the organization, strategy & marketing, and leadership.-rw

Training Objective-rw

The overall objective was to support venturing SMEs with training and coaching on how to create business plans and calculate business cases for local Rwandan companies and to improve their business operations.-rw

Target Audience-rw

SMEs owners, business operators, etc.-rw

Training Outline

The following topics were covered in the training:– The business plan and the business case. Marketing research, SWOT analysis and Portfolio analysis. Business Models & Distribution Models. How to manage stock and how to calculate the inventory turn-over rate. The Profit & Loss Statement. Costs and cost price calculations. The time value of money.– Mission, Vision, Strategy, Leadership & Management. Marketing & Branding. Process management and Performance Indicators. Ethics & responsibilities. What is Quality. Effectiveness & Efficiency. Improve and develop the company. Culture in organizations and international business.-rw


– Presentation– Practical exercises– Case studies-rw



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