Public Procurement for Women Entrepreneurs


The training was organized in partnership with the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and UNDP, currently key partners with the Gender Monitoring Office in supporting the gender mainstreaming strategy, intended to equip women in business with various adequate skills.

The training saw 20 participants representing companies owned and led by women. It was conducted from June 1st to 4th, 2021; and the overall objective of the training was to equip participants with the skills to participate in public tenders and e-procurement.

Expected results were increased participation of women entrepreneurs in government public tenders, and creation of information sharing portals on e-procurement for the benefit of women-owned businesses.

After the training, all the participants attested having gained skills to:

  • Register on for a digital certificate of a bidder
  • Register a supplier on UMUCYO Portal
  • Identify advertised tenders on the UMUCYO portal
  • Prepare a tender for services, goods, or works
  • Submit a tender

Furthermore, just some achievements have been realized even during the training such as

  1. 64% registered to e-procurement from 7% before the training
  2. 100% of participants were ready to register on the e-procurement portal and start participating in public tenders.
Training Objective

The general objective of the capacity building training was to enhance Women entrepreneurs’ participation in public procurement and encourage them to adopt a proactive approach in searching for public procurement information and establishing information-sharing portals for the benefit of women-owned businesses. Specific objectives included: – To assess challenges that hinder women’s participation in public tenders – Equip participants with skills in procurement policy and procedures – Increase the knowledge of women entrepreneurs on the use of portal, – Equip trainees with skills that would put them in competitive position to win tenders – Provide participants with skills to analyze the terms of reference, technical specifications, and bills of quantities – Empower participants with the capacity to prepare tenders.

Target Audience

20 members from the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs.

Training Outline

The main topics of the training were: – Introduction to public procurement – Public procurement methods and processes – Incoterms – E-Procurement – Practical exercises


– Presentation – Practical exercises – Case studies



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