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Market Analysis


Rugamba Oreste


Training Objective

Participants will learn to: 1. Break down and analyze the elements of your business to better understand how your market really works. 2. Re-evaluate your product offering to identify the distinctly different product lines that may require different strategies. 3. Analyze current sales volume by product, customer type, region, and application to define critical markets. 5. Identify the market segments which allow and require different market mixes. 6. Examine what your customer is REALLY trying to achieve with your product in each segment. 7. Identify the product features that the customer thinks are the most important in each segment. 8. Evaluate how you and your competitors compare for these important features. 9. Analyze who makes the buying decisions in your markets and how they make them. 10. Review your competitors in detail to identify strategies, strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis). 11. Identify areas of your own strength and competitor weakness that suggest winning strategies. 12. Bring it all together to build a new marketing mix of product, price, sales, and distribution that will allow you to energize your business and improve market position. 13. Evaluate foreign markets to identify areas of potential for your business. 14. Find intermediaries to help you enter foreign markets.

Target Audience

Marketing Managers, Market Research Managers, Sales Managers, Salesmen, Operations Managers, Business Managers, Investment Bankers.

Training Outline


An interactive training session which consists of case studies, simulations, group discussions and visual aids. The training can be delivered in both English and Kinyarwanda.
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