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At PSF Gikondo Expo Grounds

2nd edition of the Bakery Value Chain Networking Events

Imanzi Business Institute looks to host a 2nd Bakery Value Chain Networking Event after successfully organizing the first mapping event of the value chain network. This time around the event scheduled on Thursday of 5th November 2020, will garner industry players from the Bakery sector, bakery owners, suppliers (raw materials), hotel managers, manufacturers (packaging materials), supermarkets and logistics companies. 


In December 2019 with support from APEFE, IBI organized an event that gathered more than 25 bakeries and suppliers to meet, discuss, share information, strategize together vis-à-vis the sector specific opportunities and challenges; learn more about future mutual collaboration and its benefits across the industry. The main purpose of the event was to establish a network of collaboration (value chain) between participants and introduce the IGIRA KU MURIMO program by APEFE


Some of the challenges identified include the lack of raw materials in Rwanda, poor packaging materials, poor working conditions, lack of advanced baking machines to name a few. To address the issues, it was found to be relevant to create synergy and work towards finding solutions that could improve the bakery sector. A value chain was mapped and participants agreed to work together in the future.


Companies agreed to meet again and come up with creative solutions with the help of the Private Sector Federation and other business support organizations such as the Global Business Network under GIZ. The next event will take place at PSF Gikondo Expo Grounds from 9:00am to 4:30am next month.


Are you a bakery owner or a packaging manufacturer looking to provide packaging solutions to the sector? Do not miss out on this networking event. For registration, contact us on +250 783 476 515 or email us at info@ibi.org.rw.


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