Negotiation Skills

Course description /overview

This course will look at how to work on developing win-win solutions in every negotiation, and at the same time deal with challenges, difficult people, bargaining tactics, and communication problems. Most importantly, it will teach participants about their own negotiation skills and focus on how to maximize the potential they bring to the negotiation table.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course, you will be able

·         To prepare and debate during the negotiation

·         To make proposal during negotiation

·         To bargain and come up with a profitable agreement

·         To abide with different styles of negotiation

·         And how to create value in negotiation

Mode of delivery

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Who this course is for:

This course is designed for anyone who have to negotiate in their daily lives and for persons who are seeking to get into professions where negotiations will be part of their main tasks

Negotiation Skills course

Introduction to Negotiation Skills
2:4 Min

Module 1: Understanding negotiation

Lesson 1: Understanding Negotiation
1:50 Min
Introduction to negotiation
5 questions
Lesson 2: How to prepare negotiation
How to prepare negotiation
5 questions
Lesson 3: How to debate in negotiation
4 Min
How to debate in negotiation
5 questions

Module 2: Style of negotiation

Lesson 1: Understanding different style of negotiation
4:41 Min
Understanding different style of negotiation
5 questions

Module 3: Agreement in negotiation

Lesson 1: Agreement in the business
3:11 Min
Agreement in the business
5 questions
Lesson 2: Integrative and distributive bargaining
7:30 Min
Integrative and distributive negotiation
5 questions
10 questions

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Enrolled: 13 students
Duration: 60 Min
Lectures: 7


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