Fundraising and grant management

Course description /overview

This course is comprehensive on grants management and fundraising, spanning the grants lifecycle from pre-award through grant closeout. The course provides to private sector individuals the knowledge and skills they need to improve grant program and public accountability, efficiency, and outcomes for beneficiaries.

What you’ll learn

·         To understand the basic elements of fundraising planning

·         To understand the fundraising writings tips

·         To understand Grant management

Mode of delivery

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Who this course is for:

This course is designed for anyone keen to apply for grants or with the responsibility of managing a grant

Introduction to Fundraising and Grant Management
Lesson 1: Planning for Fundraising
Lesson 1: Planning for Fundraising
5 questions
Lesson 2: Grant Fundraising Writing Tips
Lesson 2: Grant Fundraising Writing Tips
5 questions
Lesson 3: Grant Management
Lesson 3: Grant Management
5 questions
8 questions

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